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Mayweather vs Khan on September 2015, why this Fight Should Happen?

Mayweather vs Khan

Last October 2, it was reported by BleacherReport that Floyd Mayweather Jr will be fighting this coming May 3rd against Amir Khan, following the victorious bout against the undefeated young superstar Canelo Saul Alvarez last September 14 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Floyd is currently holding of an amazing record 45 wins and 0 losses, this is after their fight between Alvarez which was his last fight where Floyd earned more than $100 million, it was a big payday for him. It was indeed a good fight.

Few days before their fight, both camps were throwing trash talks to each other’s camp, but that doesn’t stop the fight until the decision was made. Canelo heartily accepted his defeat, he even congratulate Floyd Mayweather Jr for winning from their bout. Canelo was not expecting a defeat from that bout as he was very serious in his training many months before that fight. However, in a game, there’s always a winner and a loser and he accepted it. Canelo Alvarez accepted his first defeat.

On the other hand, Mayweather is very proud of his opponent, Canelo Alvarez, for the reason that Canelo managed to finish the fight until 12 rounds despite of the bloods coming from his face after few rounds of receiving the punches thrown by Floyd. And it ended up Floyd remains undefeated with 45th win.

Their fight last September 14 was reported to be the biggest fight for the last 10 years which sold more than a hundred million dollars and Mayweather was assured of $41 million, win or loss.

Before Mayweather fought Robert Guerrero last May 2013, he signed a contract with Showtime that his next 6 fights before he will retire will be aired in Showtime PPV, and that fight with Canelo was his second fight under the contract. Therefore, we are expecting 4 more fights for Mayweather which will be in Showtime before he will retire.

Why Mayweather vs Khan should happen this May 3?

Just few weeks ago, we have witnessed how Manny Pacquiao performed in the ring and defeated Brandon Rios in their fight in Macau, China. Some boxing analyst says, that Pacquiao’s time in boxing is not over yet, and he is now ‘back in shape’ after consecutive defeat last 2012 from Bradley and Marquez.

Many boxing fans all over the world want to see the fight between Mayweather vs Pacquiao but the win Pacquiao did have from Rios is not enough to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. Simply because, Pacquiao was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez who Floyd Mayweather defeated few years back. This is something that fans are debating. Is Manny Pacquiao ready to fight Floyd? If so, will Floyd accept the offer? Some says that Floyd is just afraid of Manny Pacquiao and he doesn’t want to have a defeat in his name before he will retire. You will be the judge.

This is the main reason why Mayweather should fight Amir Khan, because among the fight between him and Pacquiao, Amir Khan is the boxer than can sell more pay per views being the fact that he is from UK and could bring thousands of viewers from UK.

Amir Khan is a famous boxer from UK, best boxer I should say. He currently holds a record of 28 wins and 3 losses. He is now 26 years old which is 10 years younger than Mayweather. Mayweather should accept this offer knowing that it will be a bigger payday for him compared from Alvarez fight.

Where can we buy Mayweather vs Khan Tickets?

You can buy Mayweather vs Khan Tickets from us. Just visit our blog from time to time to buy the tickets for this fight. Surely, it will be sold here and we will let you know as well when will be the tickets be sold. You can also enter your email address in the right to receive notifications when the tickets of their fight become available.

If Mayweather vs Khan fight will happen, this will be surely aired in Showtime and the date will be May 3, 2013, which will be held in MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America.

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